Swagatham  (Welcome)


We want to thank everyone who helped make 2021 Food Drive a success. It could not have been done without you. 2021 CAI Food Drive – held in cooperation with Pfizer Volunteers – resulted in 3,475 lbs (best guesstimate) of non-perishable food and other essentials like diapers, toilet tissue, and toiletries for Andover, Hutchinson, McPherson Food Banks, and HumanKind Ministries in Wichita. The acts of donations, generosity, and support from each of you are powerful confirmations of a community reaching out to help people in need during these difficult times. Thank you again for your support. Together, we are able to make a positive difference.

Generosity in lbs:

  • 775 lbs to Andover Food Bank (accurate figure)

  • 1800 lbs to McPherson Food Bank (guestimate from food bank)

  • 700 lbs to Humankind Ministries (guestimate)

  • 200 lbs to Hutchinson Food Bank (guestimate)


Andover Community Food Bank (775 lbs)


Hutchinson Food Bank (200 lbs)


HumanKind Ministries (700 lbs)


McPherson County Food Bank (1800 lbs)

If you have any comments, we would love to hear from you.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments about the way we are running the organisation.